I know we all have days that are better than others and I like to sound positive but sometimes we just have to be honest with ourselves that life is wonderful but not perfect.  I am learning as I go and sometimes I am not even sure what direction I am going in when I do “go”.  Do you ever feel this way?  I also know that good things take time but how much time I wonder?  I left my job in May to try and build something on my own that I love so much.  I have had hiccups along the way since I am in uncharted waters but I DO NOT want to give up!  I know I have also shared that for the past 8 years we had tried to have a child.  They say no matter what, you will never be 100% ready but you mold to it when it happens.  After I left work to start on my new path to happiness, the other thing we had wanted for so long happened unexpectedly!  I could not be more ecstatic over the news of a baby boy on the way!  I will also say that with all the new experiences pregnancy has brought on, some of my focus has been redirected….sometimes, to…well, I don’t even know where!  What I do know is that I need to rechannel my focus  back to where it needs to be and that is with my beloved Forget the Calories!  I also need to regain control of my food.  The balance between getting the proper nutrients and what this baby wants is trying at times.  Sometimes myself and baby boy are on the same page and sometimes we are not and he wins, haha!  I just wanted to check-in with my own “food for thought” and share my feelings because we are all human and we all have our struggles.  Have a wonderful day and if you’ve been off track with anything in your life, it’s definitely not too late to get back on track!

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