There are times in everyone’s life where we might experience a lull or being “in a funk” and I am no exception.  I will admit with this new experience of pregnancy, it has been affecting what I eat and cook.  Normally I could always make a plan on what to make, what I would want to eat, meal prepping was s cinch, and cooking is something I love to do! However, this little one has been controlling me far more than I am used to.  I have no say over what I WANT to eat anymore, haha.  Things I loved, I now find a struggle to eat, I can’t plan a meal in advance anymore because what may sound good earlier in the day sounds terrible when it comes down to cooking or eating it later.  What do I do now?  I guess I have to roll with the punches and adjust. 

I’m not fond of this particular eating habit change but I will embrace it because the bigger picture makes it all worth it.  I am happy that I am keeping up my exercise trainings and continue to enjoy that still.  I need to maintain some sort of balance with all the other changes going on.  I still get up early in the mornings, breakfast seems to be my best meal of the day, and I go and workout at boot camp.  Though I have adjusted my workouts accordingly with my new situation, I am still trying to maintain some bit of strength while being smart about it.  I have reduced the amount of weight I lift and my trainer also is familiar with training in fit pregnancy. A mother of two herself, she knows the proper way to work out for this new journey.  I could not be happier that I still get to be with my fit ladies and also have the support of everyone there as well, as most that go there are mothers themselves.  Such great people to surround myself with.

I am learning as I go and will find what is right for me through this next step in life.  I am also happy for this outlet and to bring you all on this journey with me. 

What experiences have you been through in your life that you had to learn to adjust to? Would love to hear from others!  Have a fantastic weekend and enjoy food, each other, and everything else this world has to offer!!

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