I am glad to get back to normal after last week being so crazy with Hurricane Irma.  There is still clean up going on and stores are still trying to replenish their stock but for the most part, we were very fortunate here in our area.  

Now that I am back at it, I am really hopeful for lots of entries since I am extending the healthy cooking contest to the end of October.  I am a huge foodie and know there are more of you out there too!  Please show me your delicious and healthy meals.  I don’t know about everyone else but I absolutely love looking at colorful and beautiful food pictures so I’m excited to see what you all submit!  Other than that, things are going well. Above is a picture I took of  our dinner: grilled bbq chicken and wedge salad I made recently!  Also a good example of a food pic! I hope you all share what you’re making in your kitchen too! I can’t wait to pick a winner for the Ninja Blender!

Today is the start to another beautiful week! With that, I enjoy my morning routine with some delicious hot coffee and getting the day started! The pups and I are up and moving very early, they patiently wait for me to get coffee going while the continue to lay in bed and then I tell them it’s breakfast time and they all fly up immediately!  After that, I get myself some breakfast which usually consists of chicken sausage, egg whites, and chopped veggies…sometimes with a side of wheat toast with mashed avocado and a little smoked paprika, mmmm.  Tuesdays are the start of my boot camp workouts for the week!  It’s another great way that I get my day going and then on from there is the rest of my day!  How do you get your day/week going?  What is your routine and do you see yourself as a morning person?  I hope you all have a fabulous day/week and live a life of good health!!


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